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What you need to know

By breaking down the coverage process, and providing insight into how accessing different services works, Access Better Coverage offers simple yet effective tools for consumers making decisions about their coverage. 

Insurance Basics

Shopping for health care coverage can be overwhelming. Between jargon and information overload, sometimes it’s difficult to know which questions to ask and how to make sure you’re getting the best coverage for you and your family. Open enrollment, which begins on November 15 for most exchanges, is the period during which many consumers make decisions about their health coverage for the upcoming year. Access Better Coverage provides resources that walk through the basics of coverage and aims to empower consumers with the ability to make informed decisions about their health care. The site also serves as a resource for comprehensive reports and fact sheets on coverage of prescription medicines.

Check out the ABCs of Coverage video series in the Coverage Classroom for simple explanations of health insurance concepts. Get the facts on access and coverage in your state. View featured stories from The Catalyst blog and national news sources. And visit the Glossary to become familiar with definitions of common health coverage terms.

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