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Health coverage resources in Spanish

Andrew Powaleny // September 15, 2015

More than 50 million Hispanics call the United States home and in 2013, Hispanic Americans accounted for nearly one-third of the non-elderly uninsured population. As Hispanic Heritage Month begins, we’re showcasing our new Spanish-language resources to help demystify health coverage and equip patients to make the best decisions for them and their families.

Buying health insurance is confusing, whether you’re shopping for the first time or looking at your coverage every year. Our new Spanish-language resources seek to make it a little easier. offers resources on health care terms, health insurance and tips for shopping for health coverage.

The new page has helpful resources for understanding how health insurance works and what to expect from your coverage. The site includes:

-A series of Spanish-language white board videos addressing topics like health insurance 101, how medicines are covered and how insurers limit the use of medicines.

-A glossary of health insurance terms like deductible and copay.

-Lists of questions to ask and consider when looking for coverage.

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Andrew Powaleny